Jon Overy is currently finishing a DevOps training program at USM Business Systems. He has been working as a developer for Rival Coins since March, where he has been building websites as well as using the Unity game engine. He started learning to code with Python, where he experimented with the Django framework as well as first learned web development.

Jon has a passion for DevOps and coding, loving to tackle complex problems. He spends much of his free time on projects, composing music, and spending time with his wife.

He has been focusing on DevOps, having strong hands on experience with Jenkins and Azure DevOps. Jon loves learning new things and studying emerging technologies. He has used traditional means of education, as well as taken Udemy classes, YouTube code camps, and is a fan of various websites (w3schools and Free Code Camp).

Jon feels his strengths lie especially in the development process, but is excited to work more with testing and operations. He is currently looking for a full-time position in a DevOps environment and looks forward to contributing even more to companies with his skills.